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The difference between TeamSite and LiveSite

It seems this old post urgently needs an update. Unfortunately still many people are asking the same question, what is the difference between TeamSite and LiveSite?

First let’s deal with the ‘SitePublisher’ name, apart from a few PDFs here and there, the name seems to have disappeared from Autonomy’s website, that’s already one productname less to explain! I wish Autonomy would clean up their documentation and get rid of the name completely. Let’s never use the name SitePublisher ever again, better still, let’s collectively forget it ever existed!

And now what is the difference between TeamSite and Livesite? From a non-technical point of view;

  • if you have old websites which you, for some reason or other, want to keep in their original format, but want to maintain in another tool, TeamSite is what you need to bring all types of files together (be it HTML, XML, JSP, etc) and manage them with one tool.
  • if you want to build something new and couldn’t care less about your old website (except for some of its content) then you ONLY want to look at LiveSite
  • if you expect a drag-and-drop interface where you can build pages, you need LiveSite
  • if large parts of your website are dynamic but you want to be able to do wysiwyg editing anyway, then you also ONLY want to look at LiveSite

From a technical point of view, TeamSite is a Javabased content management tool which allows for XML based content storing and Java based transformation templates, LiveSite is a web application add-on to TeamSite which allows for XSL based presentation of both XML based and dynamic content, both in a preview and editing environment as on the presentation servers serving your website.

As far as installation packages go, TeamSite is now the content management server (install package comes with LiveSite preview included) and LiveSite is the content presentation bit that you install on your webserver(s), which comes in two flavours, LiveSite Display Services and LiveSite Content services. You always need LiveSite Display Services if you want to render LiveSite pages. You only need LiveSite Content Services if you use Targeting, cause it is this module that will make sure the right content is presented to the right profile.

Reading the Autonomy website I start to wonder if they know…..?


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My name is Ines Vanlangendonck, I used to be a content management consultant at Panoptic, but I have found new toys so you can follow me on my new companies' website http://www.foursevens.be where I write about cross-platform mobile development.


One thought on “The difference between TeamSite and LiveSite

  1. Our organization is switching to TeamSite from a different CMS.

    It took a while for me to understand the differences between these prodcut suits and yes, it is confusing.

    I am willing to bet all my retirement savings that most of the Autonomy product management team has no clue as to what product is for what.

    Posted by Karen Spoonworthy | May 25, 2011, 9:32 PM

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